Thursday, May 10, 2018

Weekly Blog Posts

Weekly Blog Posts

This week, I wrote part of a recount. Mr. Nathan wants us the describe objects and people descriptively I think. If I'm right, that should explain an activity we had today and another one from yesterday. I think the activity we had this morning was saying an adjective that relates to your name. Yesterday's activity was using adjectives to describe somebody or an object. I guess I like recounts, because it's not that hard.

Above: Part of my recount

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Music Corncert

The Music Concert

The music concert was a concert performed at UNIS including students playing intruments and students singing. The students sang songs such as On top of the World and Have You Ever Seen the Rain. Students from grades four to five preformed in the concert.

First the students from grade five who played band intruments performed first, they performed two music pieces. It was at least better than the string intrument part. It had more intruments playing, such as the flute, drums, and clarinet. It was more pleasing like.

Next, it was the string student's turn. The chello students presented first, they played fine. Next was the violins, it sounded strange to me at one point, but there was a noticable mistake with the pianist. But it wasn't much of a problem. At one of the songs that I think really hooked the audience that at one of the songs that we were supposed to stomp at the end, which I find Interesting. I played the violin in a partly strange at one part but fine. The songs were not as good as the band's.

Then, after other performances, the fifth graders were up to sing the songs, Hold Back the River which is slightly touching, Have You Ever Seen the Rain which is slightly strange, and On Top of the World which I would call not exactly delightful. I think that all three songs were fine, but the song Have You Ever Seen the Rain was better than fine but slightly.

In conclusion, I think the entire concert was fine. I think the best part the part with the fifth graders was the band instruments and the instrumental solos. But I think the concert in all was fine. 

Weekly Blog Posts

This week, my PYPX group and I worked on these posters which were supposed to be put on bins. We had a total of four posters. What I learned that that did not take place in my PYPX teacher's room was that it was sort of pointless that we made posters because Ms Vui the trash collector actually sorts the trash. But it would be help to her to have bins with separate disposals. What I wonder is that why don't we just make laws or something to just completely stop like not recycling, other than the reason that like it will stop jobs?

above: example of one of the posters

Also this week, we tried doing response writing, which the purpose is to give an opinion about a piece of work. I wrote a introduction and two description paragraphs about a Music concert held at UNIS.  I wonder, when would I use a response in my life outside school? I learnt that it's like I have a problem  adding adjectives in my response. I'm not finished though.

Above: My response so far

For Math, we did this bathroom tile problem. It was that Tam wanted to change her bathroom tiles. Where we were supposed to find how many tiles Tam needed for her problem. I wonder what Math problem we are going to have next. I learned how much was a foot( the measurement ).

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Weekly Blog Posts


This week we had:

  • done things related to PYPX
  • Performed in a Music concert
  • Rehearsed for a Music concert
  • Played Yahtzee
  • done things related to Probability
For PYPX, one of my group members created a Padlet and we put information on it. Well, that sounds boring. We had our first mentor meeting. We introduced ourselves to our mentor and discussed about why we choose what SDG I think for exhibition, what roles we do in the team, what information we had researched, and finally setting our future meetings. I think what stage we are at is fine, but I think we are going to have more progress done on another part of exhibition. I feel okay with what we have now.

For our Music concert, we sang and played instruments. I think that the Music concert was fine except for somethings that weren't too serious. Also I think I was nervous because I think my sweat got on my idea.

My question is what will I face in PYPX.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Weekly Blog Posts

This week including February, we:

  1. Did ISA Tests
  2. Went out of control(not all of us I think) because of one gecko
  3. I worked on my discussion essay
  4. Started on Exhibition
And probably some other things. Starting on exhibition, we just filled in this paper asking for three issues, three passions, and three explanations. My issues were the use of bad energy(electricity), pollution and trash, and lastly, racism. I think that this isn't really that worth mentioning.

Now ISA tests, we did these tests testing our Math and literacy. To me, I think I did okay. The tests went for two days.

I wonder what with the T- shirts. Since there is this calendar?

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Weekly Blog Posts

This week included:

  • trying to finish discussion essays
  • trying to finish a flow chart of my home country( Singapore )
  • a finished product of my Math task showing the average number of schools 5A students have studied at and other things
  • electing a new priesident
There may be other things as well. But let's get started with digging into electing a new president. Our former president was Graham, but now it's Zach. It all happened when it was decided that there was going to be a new president. The way that we elect is that 5A students that wanted to hold office had 15 minutes to plan a speech. Then we would hear the speeches, after that, we would write the names of the person who we thought who was capable of holding office. After that there would be a secret ballot that was chosen by the prime minister but randomly. I wonder how it turn out with our new leader.

Coming to my Math task, I finished it. We had to make up a question, then we had to find the answer to it. My question was related to school, the answer was three with a remainder. I just found out that the remainder doesn't make sense. Not that I got the answer wrong but it doesn't make sense. So I would just say the answer closest is 3.

How I felt about my Math Task was good because I finished it and I think that I got the right answer. About our new president, I think that it's good since I wanted Zach to be elected since his speech was better than the rest I would say. So I think that it's fine.
Above: my finished math task front page
Above: back of finished Math task

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Weekly Blog Posts

Here are some things related to this week:

  • working on our discussion essay
  • Finding the mean to our number related questions
  • Working in groups to find the mean to the group's questions
  • read biographies
  • learning about our home country's government
This may not be all. But first, let's start talking about working on our discussion essay. So, we had to make our own yes or no question. But, there were some false news spread claiming that the people on your table had to have the same question. That wasn't nice, anyways my progress now isn't horrible. My progress is not too much because I need to think about my structure.

My experience with our government is not the best. Since one of our ministers did something negative, with have a new minister. I'am part of court and I thought it would be fun to be part, because I was probably interested in it. But the thing is that it's not like real life court, because I'm pretty sure the new and old minister of justice(court) decide the one who was sent to court's fate. I'am part of court and I'm doing NOTHING!!!!!! Only talking with the minister about but still. But I don't want to say they are doing a bad job, I'm just saying that court is not just the minister, it's the court!