Thursday, January 18, 2018

Weekly Blog Posts

This week our class:

  • Met our new classmate
  • Gone through and judged discussion eases from our classmates
  • Went through an actual discussion easy
  • Made some laws even though I wanted to be part of court
This is not all, but this is some of the week. So we met our new classmate. He is a eleven year old boy who I'm pretty sure he comes from South Korea and thinks positive thoughts about UNIS. He was tall which surprised me. I think that a lot is going to change or not.

Also, this week, I made some laws. One of the laws I created were obey the laws. I wanted to be in law, but changed to court. When it's time for court it I think it would be fun. Though bad since some people may have to face their fate.

Also this week, I went through two discussion eases. I think that the purpose of a discussion easy is that to give like some facts about it, like a report I guess. And the structure has to include two different points of view like it said, and tell the reader what it is, and showing the author's opinion. I'm not sure what other things it has to include but I would find out soon.

My questions are:

  • Do the teachers have anything up their sleeves for changing something in our government?
  • Will we be ever be needing court?

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Math asessment

We had this Math assessment that tested our knowledge in division. I think that I get confused with 36/4 because I thought it was eight! Now, I need to keep that in mind that that's not the answer. But I did a model that Mr Steff said that makes me wanting to be unique. But the thing is about the Partial Quotient Method. I think that with a few more tries, I would be comfortable with it.

Above: back of assessment
Above: front of assessment


In our unit governance, we learned about four types: Monarchy, Anarchy, Dictatorship and democracy. We, and by we I mean our class experienced this. 

A Monarchy is a group of people that have such power, their head is called a monarch. A monarch are known to be kings, queens, emperors, empress'. If a monarch dies, the prince or princess will take the throne. This title must be taken by the most related in the family or the children of the monarch. 

Anarchy is when things become distorted because anarchy happens when a place is ruler less. The sign for anarchy is like an a in circle. Like the image below. 

Image result for anarchy sign
Above: Anarchy sign

Dictatorship is when there is a dictator rules the place. I'm very sure that dictators go into power by force. There is more than one definition it seems but they all relate.

Democracy is when people can vote for things like their leader. But in some cases, only certain people can vote.

In my opinion, I would be in a place with democracy. Because we can vote instead of being unhappy because of our leader.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Shark Tank

The Shark Tank has been done! I was nervous and my group didn't mention a poster that was put behind us. The good news is that we won! Even when we didn't show our poster. If my group can do the shark tank again, I would check my information early, because I wasn't so sure about a reason I wrote before and I changed it. I think that a comment that my group got told me about the fact that put as replacement. And to have a time when my group could work on it at the same time. I would give advice to those who would face the shark tank next year. Because I just seem to be pulled towards that action. But again, we won!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Shark Tank Progress

So far my group is going fine. We got a poster that we just have to work on that I'm working on. And the other group members finished working on the device that we are showing about. Our poster that we worked on looks like this.
above: poster
What went bad was that at first when we got our materials it was wrong. We somehow got a can, because of that we had to wait and wait. That took a while.

What went successful was near the end of the time we were given. We got a poster that's almost done and a device that needs testing. I think we now have a better chance.

Make the poster earlier so then I could probably make more while my group waited. Though I did not just wait, I made a few adjustments to my group's work online.

What's next is that we have to test what my group members made. And to finish the poster we made and to prepare our speech to the sharks.

I feeling fine because we got some work done. And my role was team leader and time manger. Team leader was something I was asked about and I agreed. And I think I did time manger because I just seemed to be pulled towards doing two jobs.

I learned how solar power works, another type of solar, and other things.

Thursday, November 30, 2017


So we did this activity about Kool- Aid. And it wasn't about drinking it, or who created it, or anything else other than Math. We tried to answer different questions, such as what was left after he drank the Kool-Aid. Some people presented their thinking. Since it was Open Classrooms, an event that parents could come in and see what their children are up to, lots of people etheir got help from parents, or didn't feel comfortable.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Place value Number Battle

We played this game about place value. The way to win wasn't clear so many groups made their own way to win. So my group chose the person with the biggest number. We need a deck of cards except for queen and king. But first we had to make the board. We could make it on the grid side of the paper we were given , but me and my partner challenged ourselves and we did it on the blank side. It wasn't so challenging but we took long.

This activity probably helped us with place value.